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(prices quoted in UK pounds)

Hall, Terry Laugh promo album sampler cd LAUGH1 2.00
Hard-Ons Very Exciting cd album in slipcase BTR 65 2.00
High, The Box Set Go 4 track numbered 7” c/w postcards LONP 286 1.00
Hole Celebrity Skin 7” (b/w Best Sunday Dress) GFS22345 6.00
Hole Malibu 7” (b/w Drag) GFS22369 3.00
Human League The Dignity of Labour Pts 1-4 12” with 7” flexi VF1 3.00
Hurricane #1 Just An Illusion 7” signed (incl. Andy Bell-Ride/Oasis) CRE 264 12.00
Hurricane #1 Step Into My World 7” CRE 253 1.50

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