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(prices quoted in UK pounds)

Madonna Material Girl 7” 925 157-1 4.00
Mansun Attack Of The Gey Lantern cd album CDPCS 7387 3.50
Mansun Closed For Business clear vinyl 7” R6482 4.00
Mansun Negative (ten ep) clear vinyl 7” R6508 3.00
Mansun She Makes My Nose Bleed (five ep) red vinyl 7” with poster bag R6458 5.00
Mansun Six (eleven ep) clear vinyl 7” R6511 4.00
Marion Sleep numbered 7” LON360 6.50
Mercury Rev Goddess On A Highway 7” VVR5003327 3.50
Mercury Rev Opus 40 7” b/w motion pictures (neil young) VVR5006967 1.00
Miles, Robert Organik cd album (signed) SALTCD001 6.00
Miles, Robert Organik cd album SALTCD001 4.00
Milliondead A Song To Ruin cd album INT 018 4.50
Minogue, Dani Neon Lights ‘review copy’ cd album (in printed sleeve) n/a 3.00
Mojave 3 Out Of Tune promotional cd album n/a 3.00
Monaco What Do You Want From Me red vinyl 7” 573 190-7 1.00
Money Mark Maybe I’m Dead 9 trk promo mix cd single mw089cdp 1.00
Motion City Soundtrack I Am The Movie promotional cd album 99998-2e 3.00
Motorhead No Remorse cd album CLACD121 3.00
Mover Classic No.9 numbered 7” 582 652-7 0.50
Movielife, The Forty Hour Train Back To Penn dble cd album EAT 020CD 4.50
Muse Hullabaloo preview copy of ‘live release’ video n/a 5.00
Mutton Birds, The Rain, Steam and Speed promo cd album (incl. intv.) SHCDP 001 4.00

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