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(prices quoted in UK pounds)

Saint Etienne Pale Movie 7” signed ‘to james...’ (on Heavenly) HVN37 5.00
Schenker Group, Micheal Be Aware Of Scorpions cd album (sealed) SPV 085-72552 CD 3.00
Sebadoh Flame 7” (domino) RUG80 0.50
Serafin No Push Collide cd album tmcd1007 3.50
Sex Pistols Interview picture cd and booklet SAM 7033 2.00
Sexsmith, Ron Cobblestone Runway promotional cd album n/a 3.00
Sham 69 Hersham Boys - Very Best Of cd album SELCD 504 4.00
Shampoo Delicious picture disc 7” FOODPD 58 3.00
Shed Seven Why Can’t I Be You? promo cd single (in slip case) TMP5004 3.50
Simple Minds Chelsea Girl 7” ZUM 11 6.00
Simple Minds I Travel 7” ARIST 448 6.00
Simple Minds Life In A Day 7” ZUM 10 5.00
Simple Minds Sweat In Bullet double 7” gatefold VS451 6.00
Six By Seven Candlelight signed 7” MNT34 4.50
Skin Fleshwounds promo cd album in ‘foil embossed’ slip case FLESH001 4.00
Sleeper Flexi 7” flexi c/w fanzine SLEEP 006 3.00
Slightly Alien Unlock cd album BBVU11001 2.00
Space Tin Planet (Live) promotional video cassette n/a 3.00
Spear Of Destiny Come Back 7” EPC 26514 1.00
Spear Of Destiny Prisoner Of Love 7” DA 4068 1.00
Sphyr A Poem For M cd album FIRECD86 3.00
Spiritualized Abbey Road EP 7” SPIRIT 015 1.00
Spiritualized Amazing Grace promo cd album, (in slip case) SANPR214 7.50
Spiritualized Medication red vinyl 7” SPIRIT 005 4.00
Springsteen, Bruce Born To Run boxset double 7” BRUCE B2 8.00
Springsteen, Bruce Tunnel Of Love 7”x9” picture disc single 651295 0 8.00
Springsteen, Bruce War 7” 650193 7 4.00
Spritualized She Kissed Me (It Felt Like A Hit) promo 1-trk cd single SANPX222 3.00
Star Spangles, The Bazooka!!! promo cd album in g/f sleeve BAZOOKA01 3.50
Starsailor Silence Is Easy promo cd single in ‘embossed’ slip case CDEMDJ 625 2.00
Stereophonics Pick A Part That’s New 7” VVR5006777 5.00
Stiff Little Fingers Guitar and Drum promo cd album n/a 3.50
Style Council (Council Collective) Soul Deep 7”, sleeve punched MINE 1 3.00
Style Council, The Walls Come Tumbling Down rare 1985 4 track 7” ep (free w/ 09/85 ‘Hit’ mag) HIT001 9.00
Suede Saturday Night double 7” gatfold NUD 24S 5.00
Supernaturals What We Did Last Summer promo cd album (in slip case) n/a 2.00

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