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(prices quoted in UK pounds)

We Know Where You Live (ex.Wonderstuff) Mental Hygene / Drapped single sided 7” promo (69/500) - RARE! ZIP7001 7.50
Weller, Paul Illumination promo cd album in card sleeve PWICD2 8.00
Weller, Paul Modern Classics Ltd no.d 7” boxset LP, w/pic card & booklet IBX 8080/572 472-7 25.00
Weller, Paul Shadow Of The Sun (live) nme 7” PNME 1 4.00
Weller, Paul Uh huh, Oh Yeah 7” (b/w fly on the wall) GOD86 7.00
Weller, Paul Wild Wood 7” (b/w portishead remix) IS734 5.00
Williams, Robbie Something Beautiful uk promo cd single (embossed sleeve) CDCHSDJ5152 6.00
Wilt My Medicine cd album MUSH100CD 3.00

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